33 Kitchens

33Kitchens wants to help people in our community lead healthier and more enriching lives by providing convenient, delicious, high quality plant based food options. All of our menu items are lovingly made with organic vegan ingredients sourced from growers and manufacturers with the highest quality standards. Food and recipe creation is our passion! We have created a menu that is inclusive of multiple preferences, with a variety of raw, gluten-free and nut-free options.

Allin Mikuna

Our legume soups come ready to go in a jar. The ingredients are dehydrated so there are no preservatives added.Our products are all gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, and vegan so every member of the family can enjoy it.


We want to share a delicious, nutritious, Mexican-inspired menu that will fill you up with energy, joy and will leave you smiling.

Animal Liberation Kitchen

Animal Liberation Kitchen is a Toronto based family-run food business which has exploded onto Toronto's rich food scene in the summer of 2012. We are inspired by animal rights and social justice and are committed to bringing you affordable vegan options.


ANU is a Toronto based producer or premium Shea butter products focused on naturally nourishing your skin. Our products are wholesome, luxurious, plant-based and pleasing to the senses. Our products include: moisturizers, balms, soaps, essential oils, incense, and oil infusions. Our premium Shea butter products transform your skin, assisting with dryness, eczema, and other challenges while promoting soft, smooth skin. Enter "the way of shea, your path to radiant skin."

Arbonne International

It's not just what we put in our products that makes them superior. It's what we choose to formulate without. We integrate the most beneficial botanical ingredients from nature with the principles of green chemistry - we craft products with integrity, expertise and innovation. And we do it responsibly, taking care of our earth at the same time. Pure, Safe, Beneficial We believe in it. We live by it. We are Vegan, gluten free and have never tested on animals.

Art & Music Den

Arts & Music Den is an online boutique shop for music and arts lovers. At the Art and Music Den you can find unique Vegan Jewelry collection of necklaces and bracelets for all animal lovers, Make a Wish Bracelet cards and Yoga accessories inspired by love of yoga, all designed and hand made by the local artist. We offer traditional musical instruments, vintage acoustic and electric guitars, boutique pedal effects and accessories with in-house service, setup and repairs.

Bald Baker

We create delicious, sugar conscious, worry-free treats. All vegan, gluten-free, kosher and baked with 3g of sugar or less.

Big Vegan Cake

Because we need nice things to gaze at and flavourful food to eat, Big Vegan Cake is here to serve you! BigVegan Cake specializes in elegant, flavorful cakes. We cannot wait to present our Spring collection of sublime baking

Bliss Truffles and Gelato

Get Ready for some Vegan Gelato! We also do special events!

Brampton Chicken Save

Started in 2015 Brampton Chicken Save is a part of the Save Movement which originated in Toronto with Toronto Pig Save. Brampton Chicken Save holds weekly vigils outside of two major chicken slaughterhouses in Brampton, Maple Leaf and Maple Lodge. The Save Movement is a love based organization that aims to raise awareness to animals on their way to slaughter and provide them with a moment of compassion. Brampton Chicken Save bears witness to chickens arriving for slaughter as well as raising awareness in the community about the plight of farmed animals and vegan alternatives.

Canadas Best Ceasar Mix

We knew that there was not a Vegan option for Caesar Drink Mixes on the market. So, we decided to go out on a limb and create an all-natural Vegan Caesar Mix, so that everyone who enjoys a Vegan lifestyle, or has shellfish allergies, can now enjoy a delicious Caesar Drink! We are thrilled with the positive feedback to date. Shake, Pour and Enjoy!

Captain Jamies

Captain Jamie's was born out of love and compassion. Gabi Star, the creator of this line never intended to make soap and sell it at markets. She created this line for someone she care about. For someone who went through cancer three times and she researched and studied all she could to make sure that cancer never came back. She created this product line which 100% natural, free of chemicals, artificial preservatives, emulsifiers or colorants.

Carroll Organics Farm & Sanctuary

Carroll Organics is an organic vegetable farm and animal sanctuary. Carroll Organics provides a loving forever home to abused, unwanted and special needs animals. Currently home to 100 animals, we work to rescue and rehabilitate potbelly pigs, farm and domestic animals.


A mouth-watering marriage of Easter and Western culinary influences, CHIC PEAS VEG introduces a refreshing, cosmopolitan flavor to vegan cuisine in the GTA. Made with equal portions of joy and love, we aim to educate, entertain and nourish our clients by using delicious, plant-based meals as 'edible classrooms'. *International catering with East African (Eritrean/Ethiopian) twist. *Meal plans *Cooking classes *Pop-Up brunches/dinners *In-school workshops.

Chocosol Traders

ChocoSol creates stone-ground dark chocolate using organic, forest garden, shade-grown cacao sourced directly from indigenous communities. Rooted in Toronto, our chocolate production utilizes ethical and sustainable ingredients and alternative technologies to ensure the most environmentally-friendly and ecologically regenerative chocolate foods.


COOKSMART is a hands-on, curriculum-based cooking program - for students from kindergarten to grade 6 - designed to build kitchen confidence and help kids learn how to make healthy meal and snack choices - at school.


Plant-based remedies for plant-based living! From the earth to your hands, every part of dōTERRA’s essential oils are brought to you through sustainable practices and lifting other countries in the world through co-impact sourcing. Visit us to sign up for a free class and find out how to support your health and wellness through the use of these beautiful gifts from the earth!

Dogs of the Ganges Society

Dogs of the Ganges Society is a Toronto-based non-profit that helps street dogs and other animals in India. Through education, first aid training and outreach, we encourage locals in Varanasi to have compassion for all animals and build their capacity to advocate and care for them. Visit our booth at #MVF to check out our vegan, animal-themed products that help raise funds for our project.

Dolled up Desserts

Dolled Up Desserts is Hamilton's award winning vegan and gluten free bakery! They make simply delicious baking mixes and treats for not so simple diets, so you can enjoy dessert simply. Expect to see their famous macarons, along with delicious bars, cakes and their baking mixes at MVF, so you can bake up and share the goodness right at home with friends and family!


Ecosource is an Ontario-based innovative environmental education organization serving youth, adults and families. Our hands-on programs focus on how each of us can change our daily habits to become better environmental citizens.

Espresso Bike Bar

Espresso Bike Bar is the most eco-friendly bicycle café ever. We serve organic and fair trade coffee, espresso-based drinks and tea on a BIKE! This unique coffee service makes any private or corporate events memorable

Evas Original Chimneys

Evas Original Chimneys started out as a single food truck in Toronto and quickly gained world-wide fame with media outlets from many countries, talking about their chimney ice cream cones and cakes, which are freshly baked Hungarian bread-like pastries known as Kurtoskalacs in Hungarian.

Fair / Square

FAIR/SQUARE is Canada's new online store for all things fair, vegan and Canadian. We offer a growing selection of Canadian snacks and treats, cruelty-free beauty products, vegan shirts and vegan gift baskets.

Fairly Frosted Bakery

Perfectly delicious baked goods and ice creams for you and your family to enjoy. Vegan, gluten-free, nut-free - Everything. Always

Fauna Foundation

Fauna Foundation is a sanctuary for chimpanzees, monkeys, and other nonhuman animals and a wildlife preserve located in Carignan, Quebec. Some of the chimpanzees are retired from biomedical research. Others were participants in cross-fostering research or were former zoo residents.

Fauxmagerie Zengarry

Finally a 'cheese' you can feel good about eating! Fauxmagerie Zengarry's award winning dairy free cheeses are a NO COMPROMISE cashew based vegan cheese alternative that have dairy avoiders and cheese lovers alike raving. Serve them alone, pair them up to create a stunning dairy-free cheese board that will be welcome at any occasion, or try one of our delicious recipes! Zengarry fauxmages are now available at retail stores across Canada in six classic flavours.

Firebat Coffee Roasters

We believe in making a REAL difference, that is why we promote direct trade from shade grown coffee farms where all processes are 100% conducted manually, involving an average of 32 local hands. This enables a unique transfer of both, energy and flavor, from the source to your cup.

Flower City Soap Company

My passion for soap making began years ago, when I couldn't find products that were not only animal friendly, but that also didn't use palm oil. I am now so in love with all the beautiful ingredients that can go into making a lovely selection of quality, nourishing skin care products.

Globally Local

Globally Local is Canada's first vegan fast food restaurant and world's first 24 hour vegan drive thru located in London Ontario. It is our mission To Veganize the fast food world. Our food trucks can be found all over the GTA at special events!

Green Living Organic Farm & Microsanctuary

We are a vegan organic farm and microsanctuary located in East Garafraxa ON, Canada. We are home to a wide variety of rescue animals such as beautiful cows, pigs, roosters and more.

Investors group

At Investors Group, we believe in the power of financial advice to change lives for the better. For more than 90 years, we have been building long-term relationships with clients to give them the confidence to make sound financial decisions at every stage of their lives. A well-designed plan for your financial future is an integral part of building the life you want for yourself and your family. As the number of options for investing increases, so does the volume of information that is available about financial matters. With all of this information overload, advice has never been more important. Whatever your financial goals may be, we are committed to providing you with the very best advice, products, services, and resources. Our advice is delivered through your personal advisor, who will keep you focused on the details that matter.

Island Love Cuisine

Island Love Cuisine integrates green living and Caribbean superfoods to enhance the vegan diet.They makers of Caribbean Canadian hot sauces and other vegan condiments. They make Caribbean vegan street foods like doubles , vegan cod fritters, jerk mac and cheese and their unbelieveable doubles stuff jamaican patty. All food is made by chef taymer Mason author of Caribbean vegan.

Jewels by SJB

Jewels by SJB is a collection of hand forged, cruelty free jewels made with attention to detail and high quality materials out of Sue's home studio in Toronto, ON. Sue is passionate about creating pieces that are not only cruelty free but also share the vegan message through hand stamping.

Juice Plus Tower Garden

We are a Company Mission Driven to Inspire Healthy Living Around the World!! We help people bridge their nutritional gap with a simple, convenient & affordable solution called JuicePlus & we invite them into a community of like-minded people called The Healthy Living Revolution that supports a journey to raising our level of consciousness to become our healthiest selves!

Kallis Oils

Kall!s is an evolutionary skin care product combining 100% Shea oil and essential oils for all day skin nourishment and exceptional looking & feeling skin.

Lipsense by Senegence

I first discovered LipSense by SeneGence when I saw a friend of mine applying it and I was curious. I loved the colour and I couldn't believe how it stayed on during our whole meal. I bought some from her that night and I haven't wore any other lipstick since. I became a distributor because I loved the product so much and I kept getting asked where I got my lip colour from, so I decided to sell it. LipSense is so amazing I can't help but tell everyone about it.

Little Garden Company

The Little Garden Company provides Local, Sustainable, Chemical-Free Produce - from the Farm to Market. At various farmers markets, pop-up markets and corporate events throughout the year The Little Garden Company provides customers with hyper-local clean produce sourced from the highest quality local farms.

Main Vegan Deli

Main Vegan Deli was born out of frustration and longing for better vegan food alternatives. We believe in convenience with conscience, making vegan food easy and readily available for everybody. All of our vegan cheeses and plant meats are organic and non - gmo, everything is handmade in Glencoe, ON with passion and care.

Mama Root Urban Kids Gym

Mama Root Urban Kids Gym is a Mobile gym. We connect with our communities by partnering with School Boards and Community Centres to offer our unique programs. We aim to offer quality programming to families at an affordable cost. We believe so strongly in family and community that we created programs which reflect unity, equality, inclusiveness and cooperation. Welcome to our family.

Mama Vegan

Mama Vegan's artisan nut-based cultured cashew cream cheeses and wedges are made from 100% organic raw ingredients and a wonderful blend of complementary herbs and spices that truly showcase their unique flavours. Her #JustNuts cheeses are hand-crafted in small batches; aged to bring out their rich and robust flavours, and are oil, soy, and gluten-free. Mama Vegan is also the creator of #NoBees Vegan Honey. Yes...vegan honey! #NoBees honey harnesses the goodness of pure, organic gala apples to create a sweetener that is as kind to the planet as it is to your taste buds. Perfect for sweetening tea, topping granola, dairy-free yogurt, fruit or in your favorite baked goods. It's an ethically sweet choice!


Masoneuve offers a curated selection of mason jar lids, attachments and accessories for your litter-free lifestyle. Products include soap pumps, spray lids, drink lids, snack attachments, glass and stainless steel straws and more! Masoneuve is currently the only supplier in Canada of the Relid - an amazing new silicone lid that works with almost any jar, allowing you to wash and reuse those pickle, salsa, jam jars etc.

Meraki Aromatherapy

Meraki Aromatherapy's first product launch is our coconut wax candles. Each candle is infused with pure essential oils that has its own special benefits and uses. These beautiful 6 oz and 9 oz candles come in Peppermint, Lavender, Grapefruit, Eucalyptus and would make a lovely addition to any home.

Miski Organics Superfoods Inc

We are committed to offering natural and organic products of paramount nutritional value, honouring the trust of our consumers through the highest quality standards of our imported and locally-manufactured goods. We passionately believe in building awareness of the many benefits of Organic foods and their importance in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Mississauga Animal Services

Help animals in our care by making a donation to the Animal Services Special Care for Animals and Resources Fund (SCARF). Supporting SCARF will help enrich and save the lives of shelter pets until they are healthy and strong enough to be placed for adoption in a loving permanent home.

Mississauga Library Port Credit

The Port Credit Seed Lending Library is:

  • A collection of edible, decorative and herb seed varieties that are both organic and non-GMO.
  • You may borrow these seeds to grow plants at home.
  • When the growing season is over, harvest your seeds and return a portion of them back to the Seed Library.

Monkey Butter

We make all-natural gourmet peanut butters in vegan flavours such as Salted Caramel PB, Dark Chocolate Banana PB, Coconut PB, Maple Bacon PB, Dark Chocolate Cherry PB as well as many Feature Flavours.

Mr. Chris & the Gassy Bubbles

Mr. Chris & the Gassy Bubbles are a fun, ever-evolving & interactive children’s music band from Toronto, Canada. The band is fronted by children’s educator and RECE, Mr. Chris (Chris Torti). The Bubbles brand of children’s music is unlike any other kind. Through extensive research and observation, the band is aiming for the stars, with their unusual take on children’s music. They’ve carefully crafted every song to have equal appeal to both children and adults

My Animal Friends & Me

My Animal Friends & Me" is a story about a boy living on a farm sanctuary with various rescued animals. There, he learns that although they may appear different, he and his animal friends actually share many things in common. They all have the ability to see, hear, taste, smell, and feel - in addition to one other very special trait that unites them above all else. This book was written in hopes of touching the hearts of the future generation and inspiring them to love and respect all beings as equals.


Mississauga and Roncesvalles’s only premium Olive Oil retailer offering over 60 Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars that are all 100 pure and Vegan Friendly. We also have certified Vegan Butter Olive Oil that is made from plant extracts that tastes like butter but is not. Come and taste for yourself!


There's a couple of things you need to know about a Nanashake. It's a refreshingly original vegan frozen dessert made exclusively from plant-based ingredients, and it packs a taste that will make you feel young again.


We are Shelly, Emma &, Connor Hawley-Yan - creating art on paper or canvas, digital or classic, fun and funky, or mixed med

Peas+Thank You

Peas+Thank you is a veggie company that focuses on local and sustainable goods. We offer sweet and savory treats that change seasonally with local produce.

Pierogi Me!

Gourmet, handmade pierogi. Wide flavours range from sweet and savoury through vegan, vegan gluten free.

Planet Organic

Planet Organic Market was founded by husband and wife team Mark and Diane— pioneers in organic living and dedicated environmental activists—in Edmonton in 1993. Initially imagined as a down-to-earth escape from big-box supermarkets, Planet Organic Market was one of the first to bring wholesome products made by Canadians, to Canadians. Today, Planet Organic Market is 100% owned and operated by Canadians and proudly remains at the forefront of supporting the growth and well-being of local neighbourhoods across Canada. We are dedicated to providing our Planet People with an experience and culture within our markets with events, seminars and excellent customer service. We’re still the original, and original in every sense, offering a diverse, delicious array of vitamins, supplements and good food that is good for you, and good for the earth

Poppy & Peonies

Poppy & Peonies is a proudly Canadian line of animal cruelty-free handbags & totes. Come out and meet Brand Influencer Hailey Rogers and let her style you with the perfect handbag!

Profi Pro Inc

PROFI was born when our founder learned that his daughter had decided to become a vegetarian. Concerned that his very active daughter would have a tough time getting enough protein in her diet, he came up with the idea to create a great tasting, low sugar, complete, plant-based protein. Along the way, he discovered a whole community looking for a plant-based protein focused on quality and taste. PROFIproducts not only taste great, but they are also non-GMO, dairy free, soy free, vegan and gluten free! They are low in calories and each serving contains 20 grams of protein and all 9 essential amino acids that your body needs.

Project Jessie

Project Jessie is a rescue network created in 1991. We focus primarily on dogs and cats in pounds where they are vulnerable to being sent for research or being euthanized for inappropriate reasons.

Quaint & Paint

Quaint & Paint is located in Port Credit. I have been open for almost two years. Mainstay of my business is up-cycling of vintage furniture with chalk paint. What keep me busy is my custom work for clients. I also offer those one of a kind home decor accents.While in Italy I came across this unique washable paper at a store called Usahmama pronounced wash-mama. I was so impressed with their products I have started to sell them in my store.

Rescue Dogs

rescue dogs vegan hot dogs and street fare is Canada's first 100% vegan hot dog cart, founded in 2015 and operating all over Ontario on a near daily basis. rescue dogs hot dogs are hand crafted from scratch and a portion of every sale is donated to local animal rescues. they also have won the best food truck award two years running from the Toronto Vegetarian association! snag Ontario's original handcrafted vegan hot dog and feel rad about where your money goes!

Sausage Party Toronto

We started Sausage Party Toronto in 2017, we wanted to serve up delicious food, food we love and meet new people. Never did we think we would be able to quit our jobs and get to travel all around Ontario serving up our fully loaded vegan dogs!

Sea Sheperd

Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species. Sea Shepherd uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations.

She's Got Leggz

She's Got Leggz is a Canadian owned company! Our leggings come in sizes ranging from 00 -22 for women and sizes 3-14 for kids. They are Vegan friendly as well!

Sick On Sin

Sick On Sin makes tees, pins, magnets, stickers, totes, etc. featuring graphics done in a cute, unique style. Their designs include pro-veg messaging, adorable animals and fun food - something for everyone! Sick On Sin is a vegan-run small biz that donates 10% of its monthly profits to charities and sanctuaries.

Steambox Dumplings

We hand make small-batch dumplings in Toronto using Ontario quality plant-based proteins and local produce whenever possible. Gluten free options are also available!


Studio.89 is a non-profit community hub in Mississauga dedicated to the betterment of humans, animals, and the planet in all that they do. They encourage activism, empowerment, arts, conscious consumerism, as well as youth leadership and offer a free programming space. Over the last few months, Studio.89 has been focused on their transition to veganism.


At the Sudsatorium we provide only the safest organic vegan skin care, hair, and body products, which are free of toxic ingredients, synthetics, fragrances, preservatives, are not tested on animals, are Fair Trade and are ethically sourced to ensure they come from sustainable, renewable sources.

Sweet Sunshine Ice Cream

Sweet Sunshine is dedicated to loving animals one ice cream at a time. All of our products are 100% Dairy free/vegan. We are proud to use only the highest quality natural ingredients.

Terrah Essentiald Soap Shoppe

Terrah Essentials - alternative cosmetics, plant based, locally handmade, proudly Canadian!A luxury your skin can't afford to miss.

The Green Geek

The Green Geek was ignited in 2015 with you in mind. We create and serve juices and smoothies in a fun, easy to consume way that's always healthy. With our vegetable focused menu we hope to celebrate and inspire you to be healthier by connecting you with real, wholesome, great tasting food.

The offical Animal march Toronto

The Official Animal Rights March is an annual vegan march founded by UK animal rights organisation Surge. The march began in London in 2016 with 2,500 vegans and in 2017 the march doubled to 5,000 vegans marching for animal liberation through London. In 2018 we're bringing The Official Animal Rights March to Toronto to spread the message of animal liberation across the globe.

The School - Creative Arts Education

Hip Hop has evolved from a style of street dancing to the studio and is one of the most popular styles of dance today. This class keeps everyone grooving to the music they know and love with a strong focus on co-ordination, strength and rhythm. Join our high energy instructors as they teach you dance moves for the ultimate dance party!

The Vegan Jetsetter Inc

The Vegan Jetsetter Apparel is a project of love, inspiration and positivity. Always a dream of founder Melissa Grossman to create a high quality, luxury, vegan clothing line, The Vegan Jetsetter Apparel was launched in May 2017 with a self-titled signature collection.

Thrive Organic Kitchen & Cafe Inc

THRIVE is an organic kitchen & cafe with a mission to revolutionize the way people eat. Maximize your nutrition for optimum health! Come and try our Raw Vegan Cheesecakes, Vegan Squash Quesadillas, Raw Vegan Brownies, and Cold Pressed Juices

TLC Holistics

Plant-based nutritious meals, snacks, cheeses and more made with a mix of non-GMO, organic, local and farm fresh ingredients nutritionally balanced and created by a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Using whole, nutrient-dense ingredients to make honestly good food and bringing wellness one bite at a time.


The Toronto Vegetarian Association is Toronto's go-to resource for all things veg. We are a volunteer-driven charitable organization that provides information and support to people who are interested in making healthier, greener, more compassionate food choices.

Upbeet Foods

We are Upbeet Foods: your one stop shop for delicious plant-based meal delivery and catering. Packed with nutritious and locally grown ingredients, our meal plans are designed for the on-the-go lifestyle. Delivered fresh twice weekly, our rotating menu will keep you fuelled and fulfilled without breaking the bank. Want Upbeet for the whole crew? We do that, too! Our catering menu features a delicious selection of vegan and gluten-free dishes for weddings and events.


Vecado revolutionizes how people think about pet foods. All of our products are 100% plant-based; they contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino-acids necessary for dogs and cats to thrive, and 30% protein content is standard. Vegan pet food reduces bad breath and allergies, improves coat, and complies with regulations. Vecado works only with vegan suppliers, and thousands of people have successfully transitioned their cats and dogs to a vegan diet.


There's a new vegan cheese in town! VEGCHEESE is a new line of artisan vegan cheese handcrafted with love in Toronto. Our dairy-free cheeses are nut and gluten-free and are made with high quality, organic, plant-based ingredients.


Ready for an easy change to a delicious non-dairy beverage? Say hello to Veggemo, the dairy alternative originating from veggies. It doesn't taste or look like vegetables. In fact, Veggemo tastes uniquely and spectacularly like Veggemo! With the smoothness and creaminess of 2% dairy milk, Veggemo is rich in calcium and Vitamin D, is an excellent source of B12 and is great for drinking, baking and cooking! Veggemo comes in three deeply satisfying flavours, Original, Unsweetened and Vanilla. Dairy free, gluten free, soy free, non GMO, cholesterol free, vegan and kosher. #letsgoveggemo

Wully Outerwear

Warm. Functionable. Animal-free. We are the new school of Canadian outerwear.